What we make and sell


Take a bite of simply scrumptious homemade caramels from Infused Indulgence Caramel Candy Co.


Groan with pleasure when you sample our homemade chocolates. We are the home of the well-known and loved Zippi Doodle.


 Chocolate Cupcake - Homemade Cupcakes

Put a smile on your face with homemade cupcakes from Infused Indulgence Candy Co. in Ocala, Florida. Our chocolate fudge cupcake is dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Each cake has a nice surprise inside and is topped off with frosting. We have often been told that these are some of the most moist, delicious, and “fudgy” chocolate cakes out there. 

Zippi Stix

Made with premium pretzel rods is twisted in our famous caramel and dipped in white or dark chocolate. You can't eat just one! The minimum order is one dozen.

Who We Are

Infused Indulgence Caramel in Ocala, Florida offers old-fashioned homemade caramels, liquor chocolates, and cupcakes. Everything is made to order, which means that you design the candies to your specifications. Our products are sold online. Locally, we serve the areas of Gainsville to Miami. We accept large orders, although these can take anywhere between 3-5 business days. Take note that some of our caramels, chocolates, and cupcakes contain nuts and dairy and are not recommended for those with allergies to these ingredients.

Contact us in Ocala, Florida, to request more information on our unforgettable homemade caramel, cupcakes, and liquor chocolates.

Proudly Serving Ocala, Florida

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